Duo – Eye contour pencil & Smoky eye pencil

A smoky eye pencil and an eye contour pencil in matching shades for a chic and sophisticated look. Creamy textures with matte finish (Eye contour pencil) and iridescent finish (Smoky eye pencil).


Active Ingredients:

PIGMENTS – Creates intense colour

Use: A multitude of make-up looks are possible, from the simplest to the most sophisticated with this Duo smoky yeux. Apply the Smoky eye pencil over the mobile eyelid (up to the crease). Using the Eye contour pencil draw a line along the lashes to add the desired intensity. To intensify the smoky, pencil the outside of the eyelid in the shape of a triangle using the Eye contour pencil, then blend inwards.

Benefits: A jumbo pencil for easy application and perfect coverage. A retractable eye contour pencil with a fine lead for drawing precision strokes.

Skin type: All skin types


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